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Makeup Artistry

We have arranged to have a make-up artist available to do your make-up for you on the day of your shoot. We know that you will be thrilled with the results.


If you are interested in this service we have two options for you:


  1. Make-Up Artistry by Krista.  Her number is (440)679-5363. The cost for her service is $50.


   2. We are also proud to be working with Dana                      Lauren Salons & Spa.

Make-up that is done well is one of the best preparations you can do for your photo session. It can help even out your skin tones and give your pictures that extra pop. Foundation, blush, mascara and lip products are very important. Even if you don’t normally wear make-up or wear very little, take the time to do it well and your photos will look their best. Makeup should only be slightly heavier than normal. Mascara needs to be clean and not lumpy. Make-up with SPF tends to create a shine and should be avoided. Translucent powder can be used to knock-out summer shine, bring it with you.

Any hair changes to occur during the session need to be accomplished quickly. Bring hair spray, hair clips, bobby pins and whatever else is required to keep your hair looking nice (even in windy weather). Also, bring a brush and mirror for quick adjustments. Don’t make any drastic changes to your hair right before your shoot. This can add extra stress and drama to your day.

Avoid tanning prior to your shoot. Don’t be concerned about minor breakouts, we can retouch your photos to remove blemishes.

Make sure your nails (hands and feet) look nice. If they are painted, make sure they are done well. Chipped nail polish will show up in your photos and be distracting. Avoid bright colors which may not work well with all of your outfits.

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