Commercial photography is about taking pictures for commercial uses, such as in advertising and merchandising. It can also be used in corporate brochures, menus in restaurants and real estate promotions.  DVN photography specializes in Commercial Photography.

Real Estate Photography

Over 90% of buyers start their real estate search on line and make decisions on which homes to actually visit based on images of the property. In today’s competitive real estate market listing exposure is everything. It is imperative to make your property stand out on line and in print.  High quality images are vital to getting your property sold. DVN Photography offers high quality real estate photography services throughout the greater Cleveland area. We specialize in providing clients with beautiful, properly exposed, ultra wide angle images that help to effectively market real estate on line and in print.  These images assist in creating interest, inquiries and showings from interested buyers.

Selling a Product

Commercial photographs of product lines, or of individual products, can either focus upon the design of the product (for example the sleekness of a kettle, or the depth of carpet fibers), or upon the use of the product (for example, the functions on a computer, or playing games on the Wii). Product commercial photography reveals the detail and feel of a product to the customer, while advertising commercial photography is more likely to focus upon the status and attractions of the product.

Promoting a Business

Businesses may want to use commercial photography to promote themselves, or particular aspects of their work. DVN Photography comes to your site or even to your factory floor to help you to promote your product.  A common method of promoting businesses is through architectural and building photography, where the business can be seen as a product.

Food Photographs for Menus

Food can be photographed to promote menus or for use in culinary sections of magazines: these shots can either focus upon the food, rather like catalogue shots of clothes, or they can take in the mood and feel of a venue.

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